Friday, October 4, 2013

Looking at my blogspot (GR Library Dog Blog [catchy eh?]) was something all of the classes have done within the last few weeks.  We have also visited the GR home page and seen that the library has its own web page.  This can be seen on the right side of the GR home page.  If you go to that, you will find some great things!

All of the grades have been looking at the audio books and eBooks as well.  These are free and can be accessed at home and school.  The login information can also be found at the top of the links.

4th grade: Scientists and weather are being discussed in 4th grade science.  Students were shown some books and videos found on True Flix:  (2502reinel     aea267).  Kids can look at their own experiments they can do at home.  Books about experiments and scientists were also found in the library for them to check out.

3rd grade: Weather is being discussed and we read a Magic School Bus book about weather.  We learned what creates wind and what an updraft is.  We also talked about how it's important to read new information slowly.  Online you can access Magic School bus through:

2nd grade:  We finished reading the "Better Butter Battle" by Dr. Seuss.  Visiting his webpage as shown before/below would again be such a great idea.  Have your student read tongue twisters to work on pronouncing all of the letters in a's fun!

1st grade: the sections are either studying Berenstain Bears or Mercer Mayer books (depending upon their section).  A great Mercer Mayer site is :

Kindergarten: It's G week!   We read about Curious George.  Books were shown for them to check out that all start with G and of course, we couldn't forget about setting some Curious George books out too!  Want more about Curious George?  See this link:


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