Friday, September 6, 2013

I hope everyone had a great summer!  I am now staying at home because there are some kiddos who sneeze when I'm around (I am sorry).  BUT the good news is that Mrs. Ehlers is keeping me informed about all of the new things that are happening at the library!

At Reinbeck, there is a new theme: "Believe you can achieve!"

Fourth grade students are working on inferring about characters.  I didn't realize that when I looked at a really big dog that I was inferring he was going to maybe hurt me.  When I use clues to make a conclusion about a character, then I infer!  We read "Joey Pigza Swallowed the Key" by Jack Gantos,  and the students made inferences about Joey based on what he says, does, thinks, and how other characters react to him.  He is one funny kid!

In 3rd grade, we read a book about a dog named "Nubs."  It's a true story about a dog who doesn't give up.  He follows a soldier for  70 miles because he misses him and loves him so much.  Here is a similar story that happened to an Iowan soldier:

First and second graders read the book "The Shelf Elf."  I didn't know there was a shelf elf named Skoob living in the library!  Skoob showed students how to pick out a book and how to use a shelf marker to know where the book needs to be returned if a student doesn't want to read it.  Mrs. Ehlers also talked to students about going on a book hunt and finding a "just right fit" book.

Kindergarteners were welcomed to the library and shown how to check a book out.  Mrs. Ehlers also read a book using the letters "L," and we talked about what to look for in nature.

Click on this link to find Pictures in nature

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