Monday, September 30, 2013

Things have just been "digging" in at the G-R libraries.  Mrs. Ehlers has been so busy teaching things about reading and also trying to tie in what teachers are doing in their classrooms as well!

4th graders have been busy learning about being scientists.   Here are some great links to learning more about them and about actual experiments they can do with your help!

We have also been reading Joey Pigza Swallowed the Key to tie into this months 4th grade genre: Realistic Fiction.  We learned about inferring about a character through what they say, do, and think.  Students learned that reading fast is sometimes ok, but sometimes when we are learning new or difficult information, it's important to read slower.  Make sure you have your student do this at home as well.

3rd graders read about Amelia Earhart and her amazing journey over the Atlantic Ocean! Here are some links if you want to know more about Amelia:

We have also been learning about author's purpose in writing and looking at weather related books.  We should help prepare our minds for reading by predicting what the author wants the reader to know by using the book's title and using pictures as well.  When finished reading, we may have to adjust what we originally thought the purpose was while we are reading.  This will help students remember what they read and to key in to the main points or main information of the book.

2nd graders have discussed in their classrooms about safety issues.  We read a Bearenstain Book about strangers and discussed how even though it's important to follow some important rules when dealing with strangers, that not everyone is bad.  For more information on helping your student learn more about safety with strangers, you can go to these links:

Students have also been looking at the importance of reading all of the letters in the word so that the right word is being used and pronounced while reading.  The students helped Mrs. Ehlers read The Butter Battle Book by reading some words aloud with her.  Dr. Seuss sure knows how to make up some crazy words, so using these books at home to continue working with this skill is important.
Here are some fun things kids can do in working with Dr. Seuss:

1st graders have been reading books by certain authors and learning about these authors.  Books are then pulled so that students have the chance to read some of these books as well.  By reading different authors, it is hoped that students will learn to explore different types of books.  Mercer Mayer and the Berenstains (Berenstain Bear authors) have been the first two authors they have been exposed to.

Links to
Mercer Mayer:

Kindergarten: we have been working on the same letters and concepts as the teachers are in the classrooms. We also have been reading counting books.  Here is a link you and your child can go on together:

Friday, September 6, 2013

I hope everyone had a great summer!  I am now staying at home because there are some kiddos who sneeze when I'm around (I am sorry).  BUT the good news is that Mrs. Ehlers is keeping me informed about all of the new things that are happening at the library!

At Reinbeck, there is a new theme: "Believe you can achieve!"

Fourth grade students are working on inferring about characters.  I didn't realize that when I looked at a really big dog that I was inferring he was going to maybe hurt me.  When I use clues to make a conclusion about a character, then I infer!  We read "Joey Pigza Swallowed the Key" by Jack Gantos,  and the students made inferences about Joey based on what he says, does, thinks, and how other characters react to him.  He is one funny kid!

In 3rd grade, we read a book about a dog named "Nubs."  It's a true story about a dog who doesn't give up.  He follows a soldier for  70 miles because he misses him and loves him so much.  Here is a similar story that happened to an Iowan soldier:

First and second graders read the book "The Shelf Elf."  I didn't know there was a shelf elf named Skoob living in the library!  Skoob showed students how to pick out a book and how to use a shelf marker to know where the book needs to be returned if a student doesn't want to read it.  Mrs. Ehlers also talked to students about going on a book hunt and finding a "just right fit" book.

Kindergarteners were welcomed to the library and shown how to check a book out.  Mrs. Ehlers also read a book using the letters "L," and we talked about what to look for in nature.

Click on this link to find Pictures in nature