Wednesday, July 17, 2013

I will be seen on KWWL on Saturday, 7/20 at 8:00-8:15 A.M. or so.  Thanks to Danielle Wagner for her terrific job!  I loved meeting her and smelling her dogs Cubbie and Teddy on her clothes.

For those who would like to see me soon, I will be in the Reinbeck Park on Sat. 7/20 at 7:00 helping my mom with the book exchange in the Reinbeck Park. Bring your well loved books and exchange them for three new books.  If you don't have books to bring, THAT IS FINE!!! Come anyway and get 3 books too! There will also be music and the movie WRECK IT RALPH too!

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  1. It said on KWWL that Meggie had a Facebook page. I can't find it. Could you please post a link?