Monday, May 6, 2013

Emma Fleshner reads to me a bed time story.  It worked, Emma!
Here is a display of books that are both fiction and non-fiction about night.  You may see that even Arthur is in his bedroom reading a night time story.  There are books about stars, planets, moons, and creatures that are awake at night (nocturnal).  There are also books that are actual bedtime stories too.

For more information about planets, stars, and moons, go to:   (user name: 2502grhs    password: aea267 )   
           (there are audio books on this site that kids can listen to as well as look at the book)    (user name: 2502grhs    password: aea267 )
          (there is a fiction and non-fiction book that are paired together that both are about the moon.  This is an audio book             
          as well).

Thanks to IMPACT for helping us get some books by hosting the book fair. Thanks to all of the families who purchased books.  We were able to buy $1,000 in books because of all of your support!

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