Friday, December 7, 2012

Meggie in front of our Chuck Freitag print at home.  All of her fame is getting to her....she's tired!

We read The Christmas Tractor by Jane Aumann, Cindy Ladag), and was illustrated by Reinbeck native, Charles Freitag.  We learned that “Chuck” also is an artist that has many paintings that may be found in our own homes and area businesses!  Mrs. Ehlers pointed out that the pictures or illustrations in the book are pictures of Chuck’s family and the area. 

I never thought about it, but we can give presents, like Allie did, of drawings or stories that are important memories of people we love, such as family, friends, and teachers.  Mrs. Ehlers spoke about how giving a gift that is made is a very special idea.  I didn’t think that giving a gift could be something we can make!  I can make a paw print on a piece of paper and write a story!  Mrs. Ehlers told me that I can’t put my paws in the mud and then come in the house and make mud prints in the carpet (darn!). 

If you would like to look at the Internet of other pictures that Chuck Freitag has created, then you can look at the following: