Thursday, November 29, 2012

And the winner is....

I won the joke contest!!! Thanks for all who voted.  I gave an extra lick to Mrs. Ehlers, and she was very excited that I had won.

I would like to welcome our visitors from GERMANY AND ALASKA who are looking at my web site.  I was so excited that I wagged my tail and jumped on Mrs. Ehlers' lap and barked!  Keep sharing my web site with other people who love to read and love dogs or animals.

This week we learned about the wind farm in Gladbrook.  I didn't know that the wind turbines are a renewable energy source.  The company that built the wind farm visited some of the older students.  They donated books, and Mrs. Schwark was so nice that she made sure the Gladbrook and Reinbeck Elementary Libraries each got a book too.  We read and looked at the pictures and learned about how very tall they are (taller than the Statue of Liberty). We also talked about how to save electricity.  I am going to walk around instead of ride in the car so much.  If I need to go visit my neighbor, then I will walk there.  I asked for a bike for Christmas, but Mrs. Ehlers said we would have to wait and see.  If I get a bike, maybe I could ride it to town instead of riding in a car!

I found these two Internet sites that you can go to if you would like to know more about wind farms.

Until next week, keep reading!

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