Friday, November 9, 2012

1st grade students reading to Meggie after book check-out.

The GR students are such good readers.  They all sit by me on the floor and read to me.  This week we read about Pilgrims.  We looked at a book cover and read the title to decide if it was fiction or non-fiction.  By golly, those kids knew it was a non-fiction book.  I thought it was fiction because the cover didn't have a real picture on it, just drawings.  The kids knew that in 1620 there weren't any cameras, so there aren't any photos available of Pilgrims.  We learned that it was hard sailing on the Mayflower, especially because it was hard to keep food from spoiling. Who would've thought that they didn't have refrigerators!

Here are some new books:
Elmer the Elephant series and Diggers, as well as books like I Drive a Snowplow.   Other books are on their way to the shelves and will be on display next week....until then, keep reading!

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