Thursday, November 29, 2012

And the winner is....

I won the joke contest!!! Thanks for all who voted.  I gave an extra lick to Mrs. Ehlers, and she was very excited that I had won.

I would like to welcome our visitors from GERMANY AND ALASKA who are looking at my web site.  I was so excited that I wagged my tail and jumped on Mrs. Ehlers' lap and barked!  Keep sharing my web site with other people who love to read and love dogs or animals.

This week we learned about the wind farm in Gladbrook.  I didn't know that the wind turbines are a renewable energy source.  The company that built the wind farm visited some of the older students.  They donated books, and Mrs. Schwark was so nice that she made sure the Gladbrook and Reinbeck Elementary Libraries each got a book too.  We read and looked at the pictures and learned about how very tall they are (taller than the Statue of Liberty). We also talked about how to save electricity.  I am going to walk around instead of ride in the car so much.  If I need to go visit my neighbor, then I will walk there.  I asked for a bike for Christmas, but Mrs. Ehlers said we would have to wait and see.  If I get a bike, maybe I could ride it to town instead of riding in a car!

I found these two Internet sites that you can go to if you would like to know more about wind farms.

Until next week, keep reading!

Monday, November 19, 2012

"Be Thankful"

I am having my picture taken in front of the library door.  It shows different countries that don't have libraries for anyone to be able to read whatever they want.  It also shows different countries that are too poor to have schools and libraries.  There are also some places in the world where only boys can go to school.  That makes me whine.  If I lived in Pakistan, I wouldn't be able to go to school or read because I'm a girl too.  Check the door out the next time you visit me for more details.

Notice that there are exciting new books that are in the library.  I Survived Series, which are fictional books based on historic events.  Mrs. Ehlers told me those are historical fiction books.  They sound very exciting to read.  There are also some non-fiction books called Sharks and Moving Things.

2nd grade reading to me after book check-out: Notice the new Scooby Doo book that was checked out right away!  Scooby-tastic (Another of my favorite books, of course!)

Friday, November 16, 2012

Sorry, for some reason the camera in the computer wasn’t working, so there are no pictures posted this week (sad!).

Happy Thanksgiving!  The kids were talking about knock-knock jokes, and the libraries didn’t have many of these books, so Mrs. Ehlers ordered some.  We talked about jokes and how knock-knock jokes are a play on words.  To celebrate this, I (Meggie) and my mom (Mrs. Ehlers) are having a knock-knock joke competition!  Please vote on whose joke was your favorite by writing either Meggie or Mrs. Ehlers in the comments.   Here are the jokes:

Mrs. Ehlers:
Who’s there?
Rita who?
Rita good book!

Meggie’s (She made this up herself!)
Who’s there?
Who let the dogs out? Who? Who? Who?

This Thanksgiving gives a lot of chances for you to read to or with and adult or someone else from home.  One fun thing to do is to get a book that is about something you all like to do: cooking, making something, music, or even read some jokes together.  These don’t have to be from a book, you can hunt the Internet to find all of these things to read about. Then you can both do something together that you enjoy.

This week we did get some new cookbooks and joke books, and #1-10 of 39 Clues.  So ,check them out.  Sorry if there are drool marks on the cookbooks, but the treats look so yummy!  Keep on reading!

Friday, November 9, 2012

1st grade students reading to Meggie after book check-out.

The GR students are such good readers.  They all sit by me on the floor and read to me.  This week we read about Pilgrims.  We looked at a book cover and read the title to decide if it was fiction or non-fiction.  By golly, those kids knew it was a non-fiction book.  I thought it was fiction because the cover didn't have a real picture on it, just drawings.  The kids knew that in 1620 there weren't any cameras, so there aren't any photos available of Pilgrims.  We learned that it was hard sailing on the Mayflower, especially because it was hard to keep food from spoiling. Who would've thought that they didn't have refrigerators!

Here are some new books:
Elmer the Elephant series and Diggers, as well as books like I Drive a Snowplow.   Other books are on their way to the shelves and will be on display next week....until then, keep reading!

Friday, November 2, 2012

Meggie reading Skippyjon Jones.

Hi.  I'm Meggie, the library dog at the Gladbrook-Reinbeck Elementary Schools.  I am a miniature beagle and am 6 years old.  I will be telling you all about my wonderful days at GR.  When my mom, Mrs. Val Ehlers asked me if I would like to go to school so that kids can read to me, I was so happy that my tail just kept wagging.

I do know that not everyone may love me as much as I love them.  So, I am kept on a leash and kids don't have to be around me.  I also have a hiding spot that I can go and sleep in too.

So far, my favorite thing has been meeting all of the nice children at GR.  Kids have also been coming in to read to me from time to time.  Each week, I will be telling you about my adventures and what we are reading.

This week, it was Halloween, so Mrs. Ehlers read "Little Orphan Annie," a poem by James Whitcomb Riley.  We talked about if Goblins were fake (fiction) or non-fake (non-fiction).  I was so happy that the kids told me they were fictional!  They all did a nice job of helping out by saying some lines out loud.

A new book that is now in the library is Skippyjon Jones: the Great Bean Caper.  The 3rd and 4th grade students might also enjoy reading one of the four new Humphrey books too!

I think I'm going to go take a nap now!  Holy Guacamole, am I tired (that's my favorite part from Skippyjon Jones).